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Xinhua: Degree of Mutual Trust in Chinese Society Fell Significantly

Xinhua recently reported that the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released the latest bluebook entitled, "Chinese Social Mentality Research Report 2012-2013." The research, which involved a survey of over 1900 people, showed that the overall trust level among Chinese people fell below 60 points, which is the redline, or bottom line for trust among people. Only around twenty percent of the people surveyed suggested they might trust a stranger. The conclusions in the bluebook triggered strong responses from the Chinese public. In addition to the distrust among individuals, the research showed that the trust degree between consumers and commercial businesses has reached a low point. The trust relationship between citizens and the government, people and the police, and between patients and doctors has also worsened. Experts pointed out that the research results demonstrated clearly that the moral standard in today’s Chinese society is rapidly slipping downwards. The report called for reforms in the legal and the social systems, as well as stopping the government’s abuse of power.
Source: Xinhua, February 17, 2013