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BBC Chinese: Parties from Various Social Groups Call for Internet Control Management

Wu Bangguo, Chairman and Party Secretary of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, recently spoke at the National People’s Congress. Wu said that the parties from various social groups called for Internet control management and for employing harsh measures against online crimes. Wu stated that the People’s Congress has implemented an Internet user identification system and has played a key role in safeguarding the stability of China.

Internet users had mixed reactions to Wu’s speech. Some favored Wu’s speech while others questioned it. One posting on the Ten Cent micro blog asked, “What does it mean that the central administration will employ Internet management? They will not allow us to speak up.” Another posting asked, “Wu’s statement said that parties from ‘various social groups’ are calling for Internet management. What does ‘various social groups’ refer to?” One posting advised, “We should consider studying the advanced Internet management technology from North Korea.”

Source: BBC Chinese, March 8, 2013