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Lack of Trust: Tension Soars between Doctors and Patients

Xinhua carried an article on the increased tension between doctors and patients. The topic had been brought up during the meeting the delegates from the medical field held at the National People’s Congress. It was reported that one study conducted among 30 hospitals in the eastern part of China suggested that only 10 percent of patients trust their doctors. The statistics released by the Department of Health suggested that, from 2006 to 2010, the number of violent incidents that resulted from medical disputes increased by 70 percent. Among those, 70 percent of the incidents were due to a lack of communication and a heart of caring between doctors and patients.

According to the article, a poor and high risk work environment has caused some doctors and medical school students to give up their medical practice. The investigation suggested that close to 80 percent of the doctors “would discourage their children from going to medical school.” Among the existing medical students in the medical schools in Beijing, only 50 percent are willing to practice clinical medicine.

The article said that in order to reduce the work load in the hospitals in urban regions, the central administration has initiated medical reforms and has invested over 60 trillion yuan (US$9.65 trillion) to support the hospitals and clinics in rural towns and counties. The results were not significant. The delegates called for reform in a number of areas to ease the tension.

Source: Xinhua, March 9, 2013