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China’s Harvesting Organs from the Living Raised as Issue in the 2012 Election Campaign

According to a report from NTDTV (a Chinese language TV station based in North America), during a private fundraising event for Romney’s 2012 election campaign, Falun Gong practitioners raised a question about the many Falun Gong practitioners in China who lost their lives when the Communist regime harvested their organs while they were still alive (so the organs would be fresh). In answering the question, John Bolton, Romney’s foreign policy adviser during his presidential race, responded that the United States should take on the (Chinese) government on this issue. He said, “Such issues will be critical in a Romney administration. … I know he will stand up for this because it is critical to show the world that we pursue not just American interests, but American values.” 

Source: NTDTV, October 16, 2012美大选在即-活摘器官成候选人关注焦点.html.