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RFA: Chinese Officials Collect Information on Religious Beliefs of Minorities in Xinjiang

The officials from Xinjiang Province sent a group of “stability work teams” to the villages in Xinjiang Province to collect information on the religious beliefs of minority families. According to an online Uighur website, the data collected in the town of Ke Shi Shu Fu suggested that people who hold religious beliefs were divided into various categories. Information was even collected about those who do not have religious beliefs but are knowledgeable about religion. The teams collected comprehensive documentation on the resident’s families and social circles.

The official statistics suggested that, by the end of 2009, there were 9.87 million people of the Uighur minority living in Xinjiang Province; a majority of them are of the Islam religion. There are many people from other minority groups, including Kazakstan, Hui People, Uzbek, Kirghiz, Tajikistan, and Tatar, who also follow the Islam religion.

Source: Radio Free Asia, May 2, 2013