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BBC: Hundreds Protest in Beijing over Girl’s Death

A large number of migrant workers from Anhui Province took to the street in a rare protest to demand a full investigation of the death of Yuan Liya, 22, also from Anhui.

According to the official weibo (China’s version of twitter) of the Beijing police authorities, on May 3, 2013, Yuan Liya, a 22-year-old from Anhui, fell to her death from a mall in Fengtai district in Beijing. Close to a hundred people gathered near the mall and the police quickly arrived at the scene.

Many indicated on-line that they found the death to be suspicious. The on-line pictures showed that more than a hundred people were there. Some said it was closer to a thousand. Dozens of police vehicles and hundreds of police lined the streets near the mall where Yuan had died. The pictures posted on-line showed migrant workers marching on the streets, holding banners in protest.

Source: BBC (Chinese), May 8, 2013