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Rebellion in China û Villagers Captured Riot Police

On May 13, 2013, Aboluowang republished a news article from Apple Daily (the original article can no longer be found on Apple Daily) titled “About One Thousand Villagers ‘Rebel,’ Stripping Female Officials and Walking a Captured Policeman through the Streets.” There was a photo circulated on the Internet showing that ordinary Chinese people had captured riot police in Dongqiao town, Huian County, Fujian Province. With a long rope in her hand, a village woman was walking ahead of a young man in a riot police uniform; his hands were tied with a rope, which was connected with the long rope in the woman’s hand.

About one thousand villagers besieged the Village Council and threw stones and bricks at the riot police. The villagers captured one policeman and detained the mayor as well as two female government officials. To prevent them from escaping, the villagers stripped the two female officials. The reason behind the rebellion was that, in 2004, the government had forcibly taken away over 30,000 mu (4942.11 acres) of land along the sea shore from 13,000 villagers. The village council has only received ¼ of the compensation while the other ¾ of the compensation disappeared. The villagers have protested for years and some of them were even arrested and sentenced. On May 4, 2013, about one hundred police raided the village, arresting and beating rights activists. When the policemen came to the village again, on the night of May 10, and in the morning on May 11, 2013, the angry villagers pressed the siege of the city council and kept throwing stones at the policemen. The police had to step back.

Source: Aboluowang, May 13, 2013