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Sany Holds Press Conference on Lawsuit against Obama on Wind Farm Sale

Xinhua reported that Sany Group, a plaintiff in a lawsuit against President Obama for blocking its purchase of wind farms near a U.S. military base, will hold a press conference on October 18, 2012, to provide an update on the case. On September 28, 2012, Obama signed a decree banning the sale of four wind farms in Oregon to the Ralls Corp. and its Chinese affiliate, Sany Group, on national security grounds. “As for this incident, Xiang Wenbo (the president of Sany) expressed that ‘hopefully the upcoming press conference will, in addition to clarifying the true facts, allow Chinese to further understand America and international trade, and to learn how to audaciously protect the rights of Chinese companies during the process of globalization.’”

Source: Xinhua, October 17, 2012