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International Herald: We Need to be Ready for the Next New President

The International Herald carried a commentary on the presidential race and the U.S. China policy for the next four years. The article concluded that the U.S. has to face the fact that China is growing stronger. Whoever wins the next presidential election, there will not be any fundamental change in China and US policy. “To a certain extent, the decisive factor in the China U.S. relationship does not simply lie with a certain party or political power. It lies with the increasing civil powers in the social and economic sectors.”

The article stated that the China topic has been the focus of the presidential debate. It is a channel for the candidates to demonstrate their charm and express what their passion has been over the past twenty years. “When Romney claims that he will crack down on China for manipulating currency, the world knows that it was simply part of an election statement. … For Obama, his Asian policy is a complete anti-China product, whether it was the measures he took to intervene in the Diaoyu islands or the South China Sea issue. The candidates have both openly demonstrated their desire to limit China’s growth.” The article also claimed that whether Obama or Romney wins, their belief will not differ much one from the other; it is to protect U.S. values and the country’s national interest.

Source: International Herald, October 17, 2012