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CASS: The Labor Camp System is a Threat to People’s Freedom

People’s Daily recently reported that the Institute of Political Science of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and the Social Science Documentation Publishing House jointly released the 2013 Chinese Political Development Report (also known as the Political Development Blue Book). The key new finding of this latest Blue Book is that the Labor Camp System (also known as the Labor Reeducation System) has once again become a focal point for Chinese society. A general social agreement appears to be forming that the system must be reformed. The Labor Camp System grants the police the right to put someone in a jail-like facilities for up to four years without involving a court or any prosecution. It was originally designed for very light violation of laws. However the power of the system has been abused widely and for a long time. The Blue Book concluded that the system is “an enormous threat to the freedom of Chinese citizens” and that it is now time to reform the system.
Source: People’s Daily, August 6, 2013