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Online Poll Shows People Want Checks and Balances and the Right to Criticize the Government

Since 2012, Professor Ma Deyong of Nan Kai University in Tianjin has been conducting a poll on the Internet. The results showed that 6.2 percent of Chinese netizens are leftists, 38.7 percent are rightists and 55.1 percent occupy the middle ground. The poll also showed that the Internet has become a major force in leading public opinion and is a platform where people can express their own thoughts. 

The total of Chinese netizens polled who believed that “whoever is in power, there must be checks and balances” was at 97.5 percent. Both leftists and rightists were on the same page on this issue. Those who agreed that “currently there is severe inequality in Chinese society” was at 97.2 percent. Ninety percent of leftists, rightists, and those in the middle, respectively, support “everyone has the right to criticize the government.” 
Ma initiated the online poll back in 2012 and continued into 2013. It used the Q & A at sina weibo, Tianya, and other websites where political issues are frequently discussed. The results of the poll were published on these websites. A total of 2,241 participated in the poll. 
Source: Nanfang Dushibao (Southern Metropolitan Daily), August 18, 2013