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Increase in Medical Disputes Has Caused Deep Concern for Medical Doctors’ Safety

According to an article that Xinhua originally published, Chinese medical doctors are facing increased pressure and frequent medical disputes. Work safety has become a huge concern. The article reported that 80 percent of all medical patients are spread throughout the countryside while 80 percent of medical resources are concentrated in urban areas. This imbalance was blamed for costly medical expenses, the inaccessibility of medical facilities, and frequent medical disputes. Hospitals in China also tend to prescribe excess medication, examinations, and treatments in order to increase their revenue. This has resulted in deep dissatisfaction from the patients.

According to statistics that the China Hospital Management Association published, medical disputes in China have grown an average of 22.9 percent each year since 2002. Recently in Guangzhou, after the death of a patient, the patient’s family member seriously injured his doctor. A patient in Zhejiang Province, who became violent, injured two doctors and caused another’s death. Doctors in China often suffer physical and mental stress. Statistics show that 78 percent of doctors do not want their children to become doctors.

Source: China News, October 27, 2013