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Jinghua Times: Poultry Industry Wants Bird Flu Notifications to Be Stopped

Jinghua Times, a daily newspaper under the People’s Daily, recently reported that a large number of companies in the poultry industry, especially those in Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces, as well as national associations, have requested the public health authority to stop the per-case notification requirement for H7N9 bird flu. However the government refused the requests citing clear rules defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), of which China is a member. The Chinese poultry industry expressed the belief that the “over reporting” is bringing a massive decline of sales to the industry. Government officials have suggested that the industry should adjust its business model to deliver more frozen products. Some experts suggested that the government should also consider providing financial help to the poultry industry.
Source: Jinghua Times, February 5, 2014