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New Forced Labor Camps in Disguise

Beijing News reported that Henan Province has established a few forced labor camps in disguise. People who petition the authorities for redress of grievances are subjected to “24 hour non-stop admonitions, warnings, education, and persuasion.” 

Based on the official websites of local governments in Henan Province, such centers were established under the name of the "Abnormal Petition Admonition Education Center." They were also established in Nanyang, Zhumadian, Dengzhou, Xinxiang, and other places to subject “abnormal petitioners” to “24 hour non-stop admonition, warning, education and persuasion.” 

These centers are located in the local Public Security Bureaus. Local governments fund them in order to “actively explore new ways to centralize the disposal of abnormal petitioners.” Abnormal petitioners may be admonished for an indefinite period of time until the person signs a pledge not to petition again. 

 Source: People’s Daily, February 13, 2014.