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Sina Finance: Chaori Solar Corporate Bond Defaulted

The well-known Chinese financial news website Sina Finance recently reported that Shanghai Chaori Solar Technology Corporation officially defaulted on a payment on its corporate bonds. The Chaori board of directors announced on March 4 that the company is not able to make the interest payment on its 2011 Phase II corporate bond. This is the first official default on a Chinese corporate bond. The market is very much worried that this may cause a chain reaction because Chaori is a typical case that represents the situation that many other Chinese corporate bonds share. Chaori is a large privately owned company focused on solar-based products mainly exported to the U.S. market and Europe. The company suffered a loss of over RMB 1 billion (around US$163 million) in 2013. It can only come up with RMB 4 million for the above mentioned corporate bond interest totaling nearly RMB 90 million yuan. The company stock will be delisted from the Shanghai Stock Exchange in a few months.
Source: Sina Finance, March 4, 2014