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Xinhua: Naked Officials and Their Fake Passports

Xinhua published an article on China’s so-called "naked officials" who have moved their spouses, children and assets overseas while they remain at home in China. 

Based on an analysis of recent cases of the "naked officials" who have fled China, there appears to be a clear path: transferring assets overseas, family members leaving China, preparing passports, make a quick fortune using their official position, resignation or disappearance, hiding in seclusion overseas, and obtaining residence in the foreign country. 
According to the article, within this chain of actions, the preparation of passports is critical. Of those "naked officials" who have been arrested on corruption charges, many owned multiple passports. Some of them used personal passports that they were not required to return to the authorities. More have used fake identification cards to obtain another passport. Because these passports are not within the scope of required approval and return, their work units cannot detect them. 
Source: Xinhua, March 12, 2014