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Xi Jinping Mentioned “Anti-terrorism” Six Times within Two Months

On the afternoon of the April 25, the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo held its fourteenth study session, with a focus on national security and social stability. Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of safeguarding national security and social stability in the face of the new situation and new challenges. China News Service estimated that this was the sixth time within two months that Xi Jinping mentioned anti-terrorism.

Xi pointed out, "We must soberly pay attention to the increasing threats and challenges to national security and social stability under the new situation, especially the resonance between a number of different threats and challenges." "The fight against terrorism matters for national security, for the vital interests of the masses, and for the overall situation of reform, development and stability. It is a battle to defend our national unity, social stability, and people’s happiness. We must take decisive measures, keep up the high pressure and firmly crack down on the terrorists’ blatancy."

These are the other five situations in which Xi mentioned "anti-terrorism."

On March 2, after the incident at Kunming’s railway station, Xi Jinping gave an instruction to understand deeply the seriousness and complexity of the anti-terrorism situation and to take effective measures to crack down resolutely on violent and terrorist criminal activities.

On March 4, at a meeting with minority ethnic groups, Xi Jinping said, "We must resolutely oppose all behavior that harms the great unity of all ethnic groups. We must resolutely punish and battle violent terrorist activities according to the law, and we must build an impregnable fortress of ethnic solidarity, social stability, and national unity."

On March 4, in his phone conversation with Russian president Putin, Xi Jinping expressed a willingness to maintain and strengthen anti-terrorist cooperation with Russia.

On March 10, in his phone communications with Obama, Xi Jinping emphasized his willingness to strengthen cooperation with the international community, including the U.S., in battling terrorism.

On April 9, Xi Jinping presented the flag to the "Falcon Commando" special forces of the People’s Armed Police. He asked the PAP, as an important national counter-terrorism force, to be conscientious in implementing the decisions and deployment of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, to be resolute in cracking down on violent terrorist crimes, and to safeguard national security and social stability.

Source: China News Service, April 27, 2014