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Xinhua: Chinese Youth Feel Pressured and Insecure When Pursuing Their Dreams in Life

On May 4th, which has been established as China’s Youth Day, Xinhua carried an article on Chinese youth and their mental state as they pursue their dreams in life. The article observed that the youth in China are under tremendous social pressure. Many of them are puzzled and lost as they face a reality that turned out to be different from their expectations. They face the issues of skyrocketing housing prices and a valid urban residential status. Those who came from the rural areas seeking opportunities in the urban regions feel especially unsettled. The article also quoted Lian Xi, director of the youth development research center of the University of International Business and Economics. Lian stated that, currently, Chinese youth often develop their understanding of society while they are in school. Then, when they enter society, because of the reality they face, many of them encounter insecurity about their futures.

Source: Xinhua, May 4, 2014