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China Review News on Social Problems in China

On May 6, 2014, China Reviews News published an article on the major social problems that cause social instability in China. A discussion of the issues follows:

1)    Livelihood Issues: Ordinary Chinese people do not have enough money to buy an apartment, see a doctor, or send their children to a good school. In addition, the Chinese people worry about unemployment, retirement, social security, food safety, traffic congestion, public safety, property disputes and other basic livelihood issues.

2)    Land Acquisition: Local governments’ major financial source is the sale of land. Chinese farmers are losing their farmland, but do not receive any reasonable compensation.

3)    Resettlement: Residential properties have been demolished for urbanization, large-scale water conservancy, and construction, but without any reasonable resettlement.

4)    Environmental Pollution

5)    Social Injustice

6)    Judicial Injustice

7)    Corruption, as well as Government Officials’ Privileges

8)    Nationalism

Source: China Review News, May 6, 2014