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People’s Daily: Over Ten Thousand People Charged with Corruption

People’s Daily recently reported that the Supreme People’s Procuratorate announced the numbers for corruption-related cases. In the first quarter of 2014, over ten thousand people were charged in over eight thousand criminal cases of corruption. Among these cases, over eighty percent are considered cases that involve major damages. In addition to the corruption cases, over three thousand people were charged in over two thousand cases of malfeasance, more than half of which were cases involving major damages. The number of people charged with corruption increased by nearly twenty percent compared to last year. The number of people charged with malfeasance increased by more than ten percent. The announcement also indicated that a large number of corrupt officials had been planning their final exit strategy to flee to a foreign country. They had been preparing for this exit for many years by transferring money to foreign banks and sending their family members overseas. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate plans to strengthen the efforts involved in overseas investigations. 
Source: People’s Daily, May 5, 2014