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Qiushi: The U.S. Election Is Not a Good Model for Democracy

Qiushi Journal, a bi-weekly magazine published by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, recently republished an article that called the U.S. presidential election a “money show.” Since the rules now allow Super Pacs, this year’s presidential election “burned” the largest amount of money in history (about $6 billion). The article suggested that the election was a good exposé of the so-called “every vote counts” hypocrisy. The “money election” essentially allowed the rich to control the United States. Meanwhile, 46 percent of the members of the House and the Senate own assets worth over one million dollars. The “capitalization of democracy” actually reflects the fact that Wall Street has hijacked the entire society. The author suggested that the widely established image of the U.S.’s “model democracy” turned out to be a lie. This whole corrupt, money-based “democracy” is the logical result of practicing capitalism. Every candidate tried his best to please the wealthy. "Payback time" is what will follow this election, when important government positions will be awarded to those with special interests. 
Source: Qiushi, November 7, 2012