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Ideology in Universities Faces Severe Challenges

Red Flag Manuscript published an article that described how education on the subject of ideology faces severe challenges in institutions of higher education. 

Not only have China’s traditions been lost, but morality has been going downhill. Facing the harsh reality of greed and materialism, students have become confused and have no direction. 
In addition, the infiltration of the ideology of the Western hostile forces directly impedes the students from assimilating to socialist ideology. “Western countries, by virtue of their economic, military, and technological superiority, have not changed their conspiracy to ‘Westernize’ and ‘divide’ the Chinese people and college students in particular. They use many different channels and means, with well-orchestrated plans, to target the Chinese people and Chinese students in particular, to sell and spread their political culture and values.” 
Finally, multi-media led by the Internet and the ever increasing number of Internet users have formed the Internet forces in China. Particularly, college students tend to voice their opinions through Weibo and SME texts with increasing interest in politics. “Those using the Internet crowd are not necessarily law abiding. Many of them have ‘difficult to control’ features.” 
Source: Red Flag Manuscript reprinted by Qiushi, June 26, 2014