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People’s Daily: Security Officers Are Not Simply for Decoration

On December 2, 1024, People’s Daily published a commentary titled, “Security Officers Are Not Simply for Decoration.” It questioned the competence of security officers on public transportation. 

The commentary stated that, in recent years, security incidents have increased on public transportation. The presence of security officers reassures the passengers. However, some security officers do nothing but repeat, “No inflammable materials allowed.” They even doze off while on the job. The commentary further stated that, in an article in 1984, security officers on the train did nothing but ask the passengers, “Comrade, do you have a bomb with you?” Thirty years later, with increased mobility, there are more security risks. If security officers do not do their job, their presence will simply be a matter of going through formalities. 
Source: People’s Daily, December 2, 2014