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RTI: Lawyer Arrested in Court for Invoking the Constitution to Defend His Client

Radio Taiwan International (RTI), an official international radio broadcast agency funded by the government of the Republic of China in Taiwan, recently reported that the police arrested Chinese lawyer Zhang Keke right in court when he was representing his client, the defendant. Zhang was quoting the freedom of speech and the religious freedom sections of the Chinese Constitution to defend his Falun Gong practitioner client. The judge interrupted him and ordered him to be arrested. This incident triggered an open letter petition that over 260 mainland lawyers signed. They called for lawyer’s rights to be protected in court; the petition accused the judge and the police of abuse of power; the open letter also asked for an apology and the immediate release of Zhang Keke. In addition, the petition asserted that the government must deliver on its promise to implement the rule of law. Associated Press also reported on this incident.
Source: Radio Taiwan International, December 12, 2014