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Ministry of Environmental Protection Released 2014 Air Quality Report

The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection recently released its official 2014 Air Quality Report on Key Regions and 74 Cities. Based on the National Environmental Air Quality Standard, only eight out of the 74 cities met all the air quality requirements. The remaining 66 cities all had some level of pollution. The Beijing-Tianjin region averaged 156 days of being above-standard. The Yangtze River-Shanghai region recorded 254 above-standard days. The Zhujiang River-Guangzhou region had 298 days that met the standard. An official from the Ministry of Environmental Protection suggested that the three key regions are still suffering high pollution levels. The pollution demonstrated a comprehensive mixture of traditional coal-based pollutants as well as modern pollutants such as PM2.5 and PM10. The Ministry is committed to improving air quality monitoring and forecasting. 
Source: Ministry Environmental Protection Official Site, February 2, 2015