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Qiushi: Safeguarding National Ideology in the Mobile Internet Age

Qiushi Journal, a bi-weekly magazine published by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, recently published an article commenting on how to safeguard China’s national ideology when mobile communication is merged with the Internet. The author suggested that, when the general population uses a large number of mobile devices to access the Internet, it significantly reduces the delay in the distribution of information. This new-age network has enabled precise and timely information delivery, which creates increased difficulties for government control. Currently, the widespread usage of mobile social media is becoming an efficient way to spread Western ideology to brainwash young netizens. The article recommended two approaches to manage the situation. One is to enhance administrative monitoring capabilities so that the government can shut the “master switch” when needed. This would disable infrastructure level connectivity or tap into primary data pipes for investigations – just like the U.S. Patriate Act permits. Another approach is to insist on a mass propaganda strategy in which the mobile-enabled network would be occupied with “positive ideology” while decisively closing those accounts that spread negative messages. 
Source: Qiushi, March 20, 2015