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Over Thirty Petitioners Drank Pesticide in Attempt to Commit Group Suicide in Beijing

Voice of America (VOA) reported that over 30 taxi drivers from Heilongjiang Province attempted to commit group suicide in Wangfujing, a popular shopping district in Beijing. The reports said these taxi drivers came from Ruan Feng River in Heilongjiang Province. They were in Beijing to appeal on issues of license renewal and contract extension. VOA said that other than the official news report, the other online posts and reports about the incident had been removed. According to VOA, a large group of petitioners from a number of areas were stationed year-round in Beijing. Last August, seven farmers from Jiangsu Province drank pesticide and attempted to commit suicide outside the China Youth Daily building. The lives of all seven of them were eventually saved.

Source: Voice of America, April 5, 2015