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Qiushi: Control the Internet û Stop Criticism of the Government and Better Lead Public Opinion

Qiushi published an article stating that it has become a common phenomenon on the Internet to criticize the government and the Communist Party. "Negative viewpoints spread quickly over the Internet. People even make fun of those who love China and love the Party. Some have even become the pawns of the Western hostile forces to demonize China."

The article suggested the following measures to control Internet: 

1. View the Internet as a national strategic resource. Move State-owned Enterprises into the Internet media industry and invest in new Internet technologies such as digital news and big data. This will enable better control of the Internet market and thus better lead public opinion. 
2. Eradicate the worship of Western values and establish confidence in China. First, rationally expose how false Western democracy and freedom really are; second, show people how China has progressed; and third, guide the key people who have substantial influence over the Internet toward the right direction. 
3. Use technology to establish a better Internet environment so that the positive opinions can become more widespread. 
4. Hold the Internet media companies liable. Punish those who put page hits and economic gain above the nation’s political security. Severely punish those sites that openly violate the law, promote Western ideology, or spread political rumors. 
5. Guide the youth netizens. First, teach students the Internet ideology struggle as part of their school’s political education; second, throughout society, develop the number of education programs that teach netizens to identify and avoid poisonous materials.
Source: Qiushi, April 23, 2015