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China’s Post-80 Generation’s High Divorce Rate

CanKao XiaoXi reported on Jun 17 that those who were born in the 1980’s (“Post 80”) are becoming the main group that is experiencing divorce in mainland China. The reasons for their divorces vary a lot and some are quite strange. There are many reasons why those “Post 80” are becoming the main driving force in divorce cases. Those “post 60” and “post 70” have passed the peak time for divorce and those “post 90” have not yet gotten married. Their divorce triggers include “who should wash the dishes,” and “who should own Transformers models." One couple had a record short marriage – from getting married to divorce, it took them only 25 minutes. Taiwan’s Central News Agency quoted a Chinese news article about a Shanghai court staff member saying that, between 2011 and 2012, the divorce cases they handled showed that the marriage time for “post 80” was much shorter than their predecessors. Twenty-six percent of the cases they handled in these two years filed for divorce after two years of marriage; more than 40 percent filed for divorce after three years of marriage; only 9 percent filed  for divorce after seven years’ marriage. 

Source: Cankao Xiaoxi, June 17, 2015