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RFA: Rights Lawyers in China threatened and Forced to Speak Up Outside the Court System

Radio Free Asia (RFA) carried an article which stated that, after Wang Yu, a rights lawyer in Beijing was detained on July 9, the authorities threatened close to 100 rights lawyer and human rights activists. One rights lawyer told RFA that the police said that if they don’t stop spreading the news about the Wang’s arrest the police will go after and harm their family members. China’s official media also carried an article on July 11 attacking the rights lawyers for “stirring up” sensitive cases and openly “confronting the court.” Based on an analysis from the human rights experts, contradicting the official media reports, lately the rights lawyers have frequently being cut off during their speeches in court. Their right to defend [their clients] and their legal licenses have been threatened as well. The article said that this situation has forced them to speak up outside of the court.  

Radio Free Asia, July 12, 2015
People’s Daily, July 12, 2015