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Guangming Daily: Survey Says 80 percent of Haigui Feel They Are Underpaid

Guangming Daily published an article reporting on a recent survey of Haigui [Chinese language slang term for Chinese people who have returned to mainland China after having studied abroad]. According to the results of the survey, 80 percent of Haigui felt that their salaries were below their expectations. In 2014, close 1.8 million people returned back to China after studying abroad, which accounted for 51.4 percent of the total who left China to study abroad. The survey showed that most of the Haigui found jobs in large cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shen Zhen. Those in the banking and financial industry amount to 14.3 percent, while the rest are spread over retail, real estate, and internet industries. Few are in new technology or in culture industries. The survey found that the overall job satisfaction of the Haigui is low. Close to 39.5 percent change jobs within the first two years and 28.8 percent change jobs between three to five years. They also need time to adjust to the domestic job market as well. 

Source: Guangming Daily, August 21, 2015