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BBC Chinese: Human Rights Lawyer under House Arrest after Meeting with a U.S. Official

BBC Chinese recently reported that Chinese human rights lawyer Zhuang Daohe was put under house arrest after meeting with David Saperstein, the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. When they met, Zhuang discussed the issues of China’s religious freedom with Ambassador Saperstein. China is very sensitive about the topic of religious freedom. At least one of Ambassador Saperstein’s predecessors was refused a visa to China. Washington was very low-key on Saperstein’s visit to China, with no meetings arranged in public places. Zhuang is a Christian and is known for his work as a lawyer who defends Christian human rights. In the past year, the authorities in Zhejiang Province have required many Christian churches to remove the crosses at the top of their church buildings.
Source: BBC Chinese, August 27, 2015