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BBC Chinese: Britain Criticized China’s Maltreatment of Diplomats and Reporters

BBC Chinese recently reported that the Chinese government accused well-known Chinese human rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang of “inciting racial hatred” and “picking quarrels.” When British diplomats and reporters attempted to attend, observe, and report on the trial that Chinese authorities said was "open to the public," the Chinese police maltreated them. Over ten diplomats from other countries were blocked from observing the trial although observation is allowed under Chinese law. British Foreign Minister Hugo Swire expressed his concerns to the Chinese government regarding the “unacceptable” treatment of British diplomats and reporters. The spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs defended the Chinese police by suggesting that Chinese law enforcement was trying to maintain order at the scene and all parties must cooperate. He also made the statement that all foreign countries must respect China’s “judicial sovereignty.” This comment, however, did not appear later in the Ministry’s official records.
Source: BBC Chinese, December 17, 2015