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People’s Daily: Beijing Public Security Bureau Openly Recruits Internet Police Volunteers

People’s Daily and Beijing Youth Daily published an article on January 14, 2016, titled “Internet Police Volunteers Reported over 15,000 Online Clues (for Police Investigations). The Main Force Consists of Young People Born in 1980s and 1990s.” According to the article, the Beijing Public Security Bureau started to recruit "Internet Police Volunteers” in 2014. By December of 2015, he Beijing Police had recruited over 3,000 people as members of its team of “Internet Police Volunteers.” The team has submitted over 15,000 reports on “clues leading to potential criminals.” Based on the reported clues, the official "Beijing Internet Police" gave “educational warnings” to 8,400 Internet users, released over 1,400 warning tips through Chinese micro blogs and the Chinese Internet messenger (WeChat) and uncovered 210 “criminal activities and public security cases.”

The recruited “internet police volunteers” are from all over China. 80 percent of them are young people born in the 1980s and 1990s. These “volunteers” who work regularly at scientific research institutes and security companies, also actively carry out “safety inspections” on over 45,000 websites that are in the records of the Internet Security Headquarters. They use their professional technological skills and inspection equipment in their work. The article on People’s Daily and Beijing Youth Daily on January 14, 2016, calls for more people to join the “Internet Police Volunteers” team by sending an email to a listed email address.

Sources: People’s Daily and Beijing Youth Daily, January 14, 2016