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A Beijing University Graduate Reported Problems in China’s Villages

China Youth Online published an article that a graduate of Beijing University wrote about the problems in his home town, the villages in Luling City, Jiangxi Province. These problems are typical throughout China’s farm lands.

The traditions in China have almost all been lost. Because farmers go to the cities to work, they rarely stay in the village any longer. People don’t celebrate the traditional holidays and they don’t follow the rituals anymore.

People will do anything to make money. The author’s cousin called him to ask him to cheat in exchange for 10,000 yuan (U.S. $1,540). His other cousin, earned over 1 million yuan by lending money at rates amounting to usury; yet others regard him very highly because of his ability to make money.

People are getting more violent. Several remote relatives almost beat his brother to death because of a conflict over a tiny piece of land. The police didn’t take the case and asked them to settle it themselves. The offenders gave 20,000 yuan as compensation and threatened to put poison in his family’s water well if his family didn’t settle.

The education the children receive in the villages is also getting worse.

Source: China Youth Online, February 19, 2016