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SAPPRFT: Programs Banned on TV Are Not Allowed Online

China News recently reported that the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television (SAPPRFT) announced the intent to strengthen the regulations of Internet based video programming this year. SAPPRFT officials observed that many online shows demonstrate a trend toward vulgarization. The planned new regulations include aligning the policies so they are the same as the shows on TV. If something is banned TV, then it cannot be allowed online either. In addition, SAPPRFT will standardize the training and certification processes for “Video Examiners,” who are responsible 24×7 for reviews of online programs. SAPPRFT also plans to monitor activities carefully in the early stages of some programs so that the production can be cut off before release. Popular online shows will be re-examined for their social impact. For self-regulated sites, SAPPRFT must train and certify their self-examiners as well. 
Source: China News, February 28, 2016