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Survey Showed Over Sixty Percent of Doctors Feel Their Workload Is Too Heavy

People’s Daily reported that medical doctors in China feel they are not well respected, their workloads are heavy, and they are not well compensated. According to a recent survey that the Peking Union Medical College School of Public Health released, over 60 percent of the medical doctors feel overloaded with work, they lack recognition, and their compensation is inadequate. The survey showed that over 40 percent of the doctors work over 10 hours a day and only 33.6 percent feel they have enough sleep at night. Only 46.7 percent feel that they are in relatively good health. Last year only 40.6 percent of the doctors took all of the vacation days to which they were entitled and 38.5 percent of the medical staff felt that their profession was being recognized and respected.

Source: People’s Daily, April 11, 2016