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BBC Chinese: The Chinese Authorities Detained 202 Suspects in the Vaccine Scandal

BBC Chinese recently reported that the snowballing vaccine scandal (Editor’s note: please see the March 23 Chinascope background briefing at has resulted in the Chinese authorities detaining 202 suspects thus far. The Chinese government expressed the determination to strengthen nationwide monitoring and administration of the beginning-to-end vaccine lifecycle. The vaccine scandal now includes 192 criminal cases involving millions of black market vaccine transactions. The State Council has punished the National Food and Drug Administration and the National Public Health Commission as well as corresponding government organizations across 17 provinces, involving 357 government officials. So far, the scandal has impacted illegal vaccines worth RMB 310 million (around US$48 million). The vaccine scandal caused widespread anger across China. China is the world’s second largest medicine market. 
Source: BBC Chinese, April 13, 2016