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A Record Number of College Graduates Expected in 2016

According to a Xinhua article, there will be 7.6 million college graduates in China this summer, a record high in history. The article said that these college graduates have lowered their expectations on the pay they will receive. The average monthly salary that these college graduates hope to make is below 5,000 yuan (US$764). Some of them expressed a willingness just to find a job first and then to be able to switch to the field of their major later. Many of them feel that there is a large gap between their expectations and reality. At the same time, their employers do not have a good understanding of their skills. The article also used statistics that found that 29.5 percent of the college graduates will find jobs in IT, the Internet, telecommunications and the electronics field; 16.1 percent will be in manufacturing and the auto industries; and 13.7 percent will be in the finance, banking, investment, and insurance fields.

Source: Xinhua, May 23, 2016