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Training Classes for Fake North Korean Defectors Are Given in Beijing

Training classes to package ordinary Chinese people as “fake North Korean defectors” are popping up in China. European countries recognize the defectors as refugees and give them residency and subsidies. Some Chinese have targeted the policy as a “business” opportunity.

According to a source who is familiar with the situation, in the Beijing Wangjing area, where a lot of South Koreans live, there are two such classes to help train the Chinese to become fake North Korean defectors. The classes teach knowledge about North Korea and fictional stories about defectors. They also help people pass the test when the European officers check to see if they are really North Korean defectors. The training classes for Fake North Korean defectors cooperate with intermediaries in North Korea. They forge ID cards showing evidence of work experience in North Korea and teach the students how answer the type of questions about their status in North Korea that they are often asked in the European countries. 
Source: Chosen Daily, August 3, 2016