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Power Apple: Armed Troops Stationed in Hangzhou for the Upcoming G20 Summit

The 11th Summit of the Leaders from the Group of Twenty Countries (G20) will be held in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province in China in two weeks. At least two motorized armed police divisions with a variety of hand-picked offensive weapons and equipment have been stationed in Hangzhou including hundreds of armored vehicles, military vehicles, and patrol helicopters, all circumnavigating the city.

Three security zones surround the G20 main convention center. The Core Security Zone is within a 50-kilometer radius; The Strict Control Zone is within a 100-kilometer radius; and the Control Zone is within a 300-kilometer radius of the G20 convention center.
An “Empty City” policy is being applied to the Core Security Zone area. Local residents have been forced to leave their homes and have “vacations” or “tours” out of town. [Editor’s note: Several hundred thousand apartments and homes were vacated and had seals affixed to the doors. They cannot be re-opened until after September 10, 2016.]
“Ground and Air Control” is applied to the Strict Control Zone. Rocket forces have been ordered to use air defense missiles to shoot down any unidentified objects flying toward to the G20 convention center area.
As for the Control Zone, the Hangzhou Municipal Government issued a notice once again on August 17, 2016, that, during the period of preparations for the G20 summit and while the G20 summit is in session (from August 20 to September 6), closed management measures are to be applied to some regions, including the most scenic part of the West Lake area and the resident communities in Hangzhou. Motor and non-motorized vehicles without required passes for safety inspection are strictly prohibited. From August 28 to September 6, 2016, no mailing packets will be delivered to summit area hotels.
Six months before the G20 summit, which will be held on September 4th to 5th, 2016, the Chinese authorities had already started to apply all kinds of odd security measures similar to getting ready for a war. The public questioned why the Chinese Communist Party is in such a panic about the security of the G20 summit.” Why is the CCP so scared about the security of the G20 summit?” “This shows how much unrest there is in society.”
Source: Power Apple, August 20, 2016