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China to Publicize Examples of the West Breaking through Its Control of the Internet

Boxun reported that the Politburo has tasked the Ministries of Public Security and State Security with publicizing examples of overseas hostile forces infiltrating the government’s control of the Internet. In late June, the Politburo met to discuss Western hostile forces breaking through China’s Internet control. The Party leaders were shocked at Chinese netizens’ joining hands with foreign governments and companies to resist installation of the Green Dam software. “The Party has lost its control of the Internet, which has become a kingdom within a kingdom. The Party’s leadership and its propaganda have no effect over the Internet.” The authorities plan to resort to the old tactic: publicizing some overseas hostile forces’ conspiracies to infiltrate China via the Internet. Thus they can steer public opinion to support a tightening of Internet control.

Source: Boxun, June 30, 2009