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Lin Jun: Use Overseas Chinese as a bridge to spread China’s soft power

According to on April 23, 2010, China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese held a Culture and Propaganda Work Conference in Sanya, Hainan on April 22.

Lin Jun, chairman of China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, said that the China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese at all levels must take advantage of recreational and cultural exchange activities to 1) guide overseas Chinese media; 2) increase the amount of hometown news in overseas Chinese publications; 3)  introduce China’s economic and social development situation as well as relevant policies; 4) give information on major incidents and emergencies; 5) propagandize China’s peaceful foreign policy and the idea of building a harmonious world; and “use overseas Chinese as a bridge” to brighten China’s image and voice by cooperating with China’s diplomatic, foreign affairs and propaganda departments.”

Source:, April 23, 2010