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The Chaos of College Recruitment in China

On July 4, 2011, China Review News published the first in a series of articles exposing the intense fighting among China’s well-known universities for students who had the top scores on the national college entrance exams. For fame and self interest, they used many underhanded means, such as deliberately belittling their competitors, sending false messages in the name of competitors (such as admission cancellation letters) to high-scoring college candidates, and openly applying constant one on one persuasion. Some high schools and local authorities pressured high-scoring college candidates to apply to Beijing University or Tsinghua University, the top universities in China, to improve the local government’s achievement record, even though the students wanted to apply to another university.

“On the surface, each school tries hard to recruit talented students. Actually, they are fighting for fame and self interest. … It reflects the universities’ utilitarian spirit.”

Source: China Review News, July 4, 2011