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U.S. Uses Its Hegemonic Position to Gain US$7 Trillion in Dividends in 2011, Nearly Half from China

On January 8, 2013, the National Health Study Group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences issued a "National Health Report." The report declared that the U.S. gained a total of US$7.39609 trillion in dividends in 2011 as a result of its hegemonic position in the world. That amount is 96.8 percent of such dividends for the entire world. China is the biggest loser; it lost a total of US$3.6634 trillion, which is 47.9 percent of the total. The report also calculated that the dividend resulting from the U.S. hegemonic position is as high as 52.38 percent of its GDP, i.e. 52.38 percent of the U.S. GDP was obtained as a result of its hegemony. In the report, hegemonic dividend is defined as the dividend the hegemonic nation gains through directly or indirectly accruing profits through its position as a monopoly and through its established hegemonic system throughout the the world.

The report also asserted that 60 percent of Chinese laborers’ working hours were spent working for free for monopoly capital, thus creating "extra value" for them.

Source: People’s Daily, January 9, 2013