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Schools Use Students for Profit-making

On July 5, 2011, a Shenzhen local newspaper published a report calling public attention to the fact that some college and graduate students have become tools for making a profit. The article gives a few examples: graduate students call their advisor “boss” and spend a lot of time as cheap labor working on their advisor’s research and projects; in Xi’an, a music college forces poor female students to dance with bankers; the Nanjing Normal University forces female students to dance with government officials. Quite often, the college and university’s administrators use not issuing a diploma to force students into submission. 

A Shenzhen Security Services Company pays a monthly stipend of 1,600 yuan to each student intern, who in the end only receives 600 yuan; the Guangxi Institute of Technology, where the students are from, takes the rest. By listing these non-isolated cases, the article concludes that the relationship between the school and student has degenerated into a commercial relationship.

Source: Jing Bao, July 5, 2011