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Why Don’t the Chinese People Feel Satisfied with Life?

On June 16, 2012, Capital University of Economics and Business and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences jointly released their report on the results of a survey conducted in 35 cities on Chinese people’s satisfaction with the quality of life. According to the survey, the (subjective) satisfaction index was 50.88, just having reached the minimum level of satisfaction.

“The loss of morality results in the family’s instability. The decline in social trust means no one will help a fallen senior or a child in danger. Corruption and bribery lead to poor quality buildings everywhere. Greed and a lack of supervision have contributed to food safety problems everywhere. Selfishness and blind short-sightedness have created a deteriorating environment. The lack of faith and the loss of any sense of community contribute to a feeling of anxiety across the whole country. More and more Chinese people feel worried. Facing such an aimless society, which we cannot rely on spiritually, a sense of security brought by the social and economic development has vanished. How can we talk about happiness?”

Source: China Review News, June 18, 2012