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People’s Daily: The China Model Is Smashing the Hegemony of (Western) Universal Values

People’s Daily (overseas edition) published a commentary touting how the China Model will transform the world’s universal values and establish the direction for the future of human civilization.

The article started by attacking the nature of Western values. It stated, “Once upon a time universal values became synonymous with the hegemony of Western values. … When the torch of Western civilization spread to the United States, it pushed the hegemony of Western values over the limit. The Western world, represented by the United States, in the name of the international community, monopolized the right to interpret the development model; so much so that American liberal capitalism has become the ‘ultimate goal.’" 
The article then claimed that China’s rise seriously challenges the validity of (Western) universal values. It said, "The rise of China, as the representative of the emerging economies, is severely impacting Western universal values. This has led to the spread of different versions of the ‘China threat theory.’ … For China, the only way to quash the ‘China threat theory’ is to realize ‘re-globalization.’ The current ‘globalization,’ in essence, is merely the ‘globalization’ of Western contents, system, and culture.” 
“In the new era, the world needs the Chinese dream, because the China model is enriching the fundamentals of universal values.” 
The article closed by stating, “Through China’s revitalization, [China] will Lead the ‘post Western era’ in order to achieve the sustainable development of human civilization; China will fundamentally be established as the legitimate world leader.” 

Source: People’s Daily, January 12, 2013