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Xinhua: U.S. Frequent Speculation about Chinese Hacker Attacks Is to Make China Lose Face

He Hui, Deputy Director of the Public Opinion Institute of Communication at the University of China, published an opinion article on the Xinhua website discussing the U.S. media’ reports regarding Chinese hackers attacking U.S. entities. He points out that the U.S. media have three motives for repeatedly hyping these Chinese hacker attacks. 

1) They want to encourage the United States and the even the whole world to guard against China. China is already the world’s second-largest economy. Due to the rapid pace of China’s development and the growth of its economic strength, it is not easy to attack China directly or to block China’s development. Instead, they use a devious strategy that can have some effect or interfere to some extent. 
2) The U.S. government shows an ambiguous attitude toward the U.S. media’s hyping [of Chinese hacking] and stays in the background to harvest the benefits, "reserving" its use as an excuse to increase its military budget. 
3) They are attempting to fortify the U.S.’s dominant position in the information field. Hyping the news that U.S. companies suffer from Chinese hacker attacks will undoubtedly make Chinese information companies lose face. … Hyping the report that China has used hacker attacks to obtain information illegally will not only make the Chinese government face a credibility crisis; it will also subject Chinese information technology companies to suspicion that they are engaging in improper competition. Naturally, this is beneficial to the U.S. government and to American companies. 
Source: Xinhua, February 4, 2013