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China’s System Is a Trap that Lures All Officials to Commit the Crime of Bribery

On October 10, 2013, published an article on the prevalence of the bribery phenomena among Chinese officials. When a university professor and a deputy Party secretary of the Changsha Municipal People’s Congress were attending a seminar in Germany, the university professor said to the Party secretary, “According to German standards, we are all criminals.” The deputy Party secretary eventually quit his job because he realized that, just based on China’s own policies which the Chinese Communist Party Central Commission for Discipline Inspection had established, many Chinese have committed the crime of bribery.

China’s political system causes all officials from the bottom to the top to be trapped into either giving or taking bribes.  It is a hidden rule in China that bribery must be used to initiate projects and to obtain funds. The article concluded that, in order to prevent officials from committing crimes because of their jobs, China must first discipline the officials from the top so as to block any loopholes in the system.

Source:, October 10, 2013